After Robert

After Robert

From London, Halley looks at the comet Soho nightly. But she knows it’s not here to stay. Soon the comet, like Robert, will disappear – leaving her with nothing but grief and an empty sky. So she moves from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere, escaping her past and starting a new life in New Zealand.

Claudia – beautiful, ambitious, ego-driven – is already there. She’s frozen in her own sense of loss. Part tragedy queen, part clown, she’s grieving for something she can’t even identify. Can Halley help unravel her secret?

After Robert is the story of two women from opposite sides of the world, who are mysteriously yet strongly connected. From the moment the comet Soho enters their orbit, their lives seem destined to collide.

‘An intelligent, mature and immensely readable first novel.’
The Listener

‘Intelligent and witty, with strong characters who are utterly convincing.’
The Herald

‘Quigley’s highly crafted prose pulls its weight, creating compelling characters grappling with emotional landscapes.’
The Press

‘A very rewarding read.’
Otago Daily Times